What To Do Before A Home Cleaning Service Arrives

What To Do Before A Home Cleaning Service Arrives | PHL Cleaning Services

Pick Up Your Clutter

May 03, 2022 5 Read

A professional home cleaning service can provide a thorough, deep clean that is much more extensive than what you can do on your own. That’s why you should hire these professional cleaners on a regular basis. But before the cleaners arrive, there are a few things you can do to make their job easier and ensure that your home is as clean as possible when they leave.

Yes, you hired a home cleaning service to clean your home. But that doesn’t mean you have to let them handle everything. If there are too many things lying around in each room, it will take more time for the cleaners to finish their job. That means they probably won’t be able to deep clean your home as much as you want them to.

Prepare your home before a cleaning service arrives by doing a bit of decluttering. Pick up the mess on the floor, on tables, and in your rooms. Remove any items that are not necessary or that you don’t use on a regular basis. This includes toys, books, magazines, paperwork, and other items that can be stored away.

Clean Up The Kitchen

The kitchen is one area in your home that you want to be deep cleaned. Give the cleaners a head start by clearing the sink of your dirty dishes. Wipe down the counters and empty the trash. You may also want to wipe down your appliances, like the oven and refrigerator, before they arrive.

Remove Your Valuables

It’s best to remove any valuable items from each room in your home before a cleaning service arrives. This includes jewelry, money, prescription medication, and other small items. These items may be accidentally misplaced or lost during the cleaning process.

Aside from items with high monetary value, you should also keep valuable documents and records in a safe place. This includes birth certificates, social security cards, passports, bank statements, bills, and other sensitive information.

If you have priceless Ming vases and artworks, you may also want to secure them first. Keep them in a room where cleaners will not have access to them or put them away in cabinets. These are all just precautionary measures, as most cleaners are honest and trustworthy individuals.

Make Your Bed

The cleaners will probably be changing your sheets as part of their services. But you can make their job easier by making your bed before they arrive. This way, all they have to do is put on clean sheets.

Make A List Of Areas To Be Cleaned

When you hire a cleaning service, you probably have a good idea of which areas in your home need to be cleaned. But it’s always helpful to make a list of these areas before the cleaners arrive. This will ensure that they don’t miss any important cleaning tasks, like the bathroom and kitchen.

Inform Them of Any Special Requests

Make sure you tell the cleaning service of any questions and special requests you have before they arrive. This includes requests for specific products to be used, areas that need extra attention, and anything else that you want the cleaners to know. Write them down so you won’t forget anything.

Prepare Your Pets

If you have pets, it’s important to prepare them for the arrival of the cleaners. This could include putting them in a separate room of your home or locking them up outside. You may also want to keep any valuable items out of reach, just in case your pets get curious and start knocking things over.

Teach Your Family How to Behave

If you have young children, it’s important to teach them how to behave properly around the cleaners. This includes not touching the cleaners' supplies and staying out of their way. You may also want to explain to them why it’s important to be respectful of the people who are cleaning your home.

If possible, keep your children occupied. They can stay in one place and do their thing. If they keep bothering the cleaners, it will make it more difficult for them to do their job properly.

Learn About House Cleaner Etiquette

Here’s one tip from Maid Service Miami Gardens, before you hire a cleaning service, it’s also important to learn about house cleaner etiquette. This includes things like knocking on the door before entering and leaving your home in the same condition that they found it in. Being informed will help ensure that you and your home are treated with respect by your cleaners.

Make Sure They Have Access to Your Home

If you’re not home to welcome the cleaners, make sure to give them a set of keys or let them in through an unlocked door. It’s important that they are able to access your home so they can do their job effectively. If you don’t want them coming into certain areas of your home, such as a bedroom or basement, let them know ahead of time.

Don’t Forget to Tip the Cleaners

The house cleaners work hard day in and day out so they definitely deserve a small token of appreciation for their efforts. Make sure to leave a tip of at least 10-20% of the total cost of your cleaning service, or more if they did an excellent job. Don’t forget to prepare the tip before the cleaners arrive.

If you somehow forgot to keep some cash on you, you should still give them a gift. This will show them that you appreciate all their hard work and dedication.

A good tipper also gets better service, since the cleaners will go above and beyond to make sure they do a fantastic job. So if you want your home to look its best, then be prepared by following these tips before a cleaning service arrives. By preparing yourself and your home, you can rest assured that the cleaners will do an excellent job and leave your home looking spotless!

By following these tips, you can prepare your home and family for the arrival of a cleaning service. This will ensure that the cleaners are able to do their job quickly and efficiently. And you can rest assured knowing that your home is in good hands!